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by Elizabeth R Mills [Independently published]
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Trash Bear Industries

Raccoon-27527-4What’s a trash bear anyway?

The furry creatures that mostly come out at night and root through trash for shiny and interesting things. Sure, they aren’t actually bears, but they’re bear-ish, and they definitely love trash. We can relate. (It’s also a mis-remembering of this that sort of stuck.)

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12065804_10206558475059528_7008508159437568113_nCreates mostly art pieces, many on fine art paper and some on objects like reclaimed wood. Occasionally works with clothing (e.g. knitting and hand screenprinting).

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Jill is an extremely friendly and high energy New England artist who has had work featured in galleries and local showings. Her work is dreamy, detailed, and warm. She’s been known to branch out into crafting in addition to fine arts.


B612-2015-05-27-10-41-43Creates illustrations, collage, spray paint art, embroidered goods, zines, jewelry and small crafts. Is in charge of all the fiddly computery stuff.

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Georgene is a weird hermit who is a little popular on the internet with a lot of different hobbies which allows her to offer an eclectic mix of handmade and unusual found items with a wide range of appeal: printed goods, wearables, original art, and odd vintage. Many of the handmade goods are reliant on recycled or scrap materials, also.


We’re based in the seacoast New Hampshire/Maine area and would love to collaborate with other local artists and tinkerers to help them sell things online. Whether you choose to sell via Trash Bear Industries, or want help setting up your very own store, we are happy to help. You can get in touch using the form below. (Not local but still interested? Get in touch, we may be able to work something out!)